Spiritual Blog

Sacred Sciences spiritual Blog is intended to inform, uplift, empower and keep you up to date with the latest information available. It will also be an informative blog giving points of views on Spiritualism, Life Paths, Health, Crystals and any other topic related to the Sacred Sciences.

Information is downloaded to Mother Gaia and us every second of every moment, so there is a constant upgrading of wisdom available to us. It is however up to each individual to take the step along their own path of growth in whatever manner they feel is best suited to them.  As we receive these download, dependant on what level of consciousness we currently at, we will absorb whatever % is appropriate for us at that given moment. As upgrading continues, it is wise to accept that each choice made individually, collectively, unconsciously or consciously will alter the course of action and re-action.

My Mission is to take you on an epic journey with the assistance of my Master Guides, guides, Angelic beings, Mother Gaia , Father Sun,  Etc. This Life journey of Life… Love…Freedom and Peace is available to all who truly seek it. We are meant to live lives of absolutely abundance… Love and Joy… We are not meant to survive life….

This website is not about religion or attempting to convert or even form a movement of sorts. It is about “US”, the human/animal/plant/crystal/energy race who have forgotten their true inheritance… Our journey is the journey of going home… to becoming whole again and re-uniting back to Source/Cosmos/The Divine as ONE…

It is all about:

Love | Freedom | Peace | Truth | Joy | Oneness | Evolution | Consciousness | NOW | Abundance | I AM | IT IS

To find the pathway home we begin to realize that life is a magical and miraculous moment in every moment, Joy and Love take centre stage in our journey and life begins to truly come alive with anticipation of the next moment…. Much like a child thrills at the newness of it all… We are heading Home…

Chaos, war, judgement, harm, selfishness, ego and all the other negative energies simply melt away and become a distant memory….

“I AM THAT I AM”- a particle of Divine force

Introducing Sacred Sciences

Greetings beautiful beings..... As this is the launch and first blog of Scared Sciences I felt it vital to explain what I do and What Sacred Sciences is ?... Sacred Sciences is the magical tools that are and have been at our disposal from the beginning of time. These...

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Mothers deserve the BEST

We are so excited to share our amazing collection with you. Finally! All Mothers should be spoilt this Mother's Day. We have a selection of Crystal Balls and Unique  Jewelry pieces that will delight  any woman's heart. Have us  courier directly to your loved one this...

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Crystal Balls

Bloodstone Crystal Healing Properties: Bloodstone provides strength and stamina to the body and instils the courage and self confidence to be true to one’s heart. It can provide support to persevere in difficult situations and aid in making difficult decisions. This...

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Sacred Jewellery

We may not all know that everything is made up of energy and that this wondrous form is all around and in us. It is available in many different forms for us to make use of and increase our vibrations, encourage us in times of crisis and to assist us in healing past...

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