by | May 31, 2019


There is so much information available on Spiritual Awakening that many are drowning in a sea of information not truly knowing which is God aligned and which is not! Finding your true path is a daunting task , but, that is what it is all about right now. The energy currently downloading is asking for you to soul search what aligns with you. No longer are there generic standards or methods that fit all. Each soul MUST seek the aligned balanced truth for themselves.

Looking at the multitude of choice available now, the only way to see through, is to observe that there is a golden thread of similarity in many of the choices. Whether we realize it or not ,alignment has been taking place behind the scenes .

What are these similarities:

  • All seek peace and balance with the soul
  • All look to a higher divinity for guidance, protection and strength
  • All believe in higher principles of Love, Compassion, Service, Tolerance, Equality, non-violence and spend endless hours trying to master these qualities
  • All seek to be Loved and Accepted
  • All wish to reflect the highest version of themselves
  • All wish to be forgiven and to be able to forgive
  • All want strive, pain and suffering in all aspects of energy to end
  • All want to live in a world of safety and synchronicity that cares for each other and accepts each other
  • All believe in miracles and healing of many different kinds

All believe that one day we will live in harmony with each other, nature, animal kingdom and Mother Gaia. But what we disagree with is the mythology. Wars are fought over this to ensure we have a winner and loser. Who is right and Who is wrong! We need to be reminded that it matters not how we reached the result, we need to understand we are all different and if we all reach the same higher values so what if the path was not in accordance to others journey.

We are mind orientated, conditioned to be at odds with what we do not understand or accept, competitive and ego driven having been so conditioned by old patterning. We will never find common ground this way! What is required from us “ALL” is to revise our thinking process. We can live in a  harmonized world with win-win solutions as long as we have changed the original starting point of our belief and thinking patterns. What difference does it make if we use different methods to achieve the same outcomes! The outcome should be the primary goal, where our attention and vision is centered upon that.

We follow different beliefs and methods but 99.9% of all these belief system advocate the same values of tolerance, love ,balance,joy equality, forgiveness and grace.

How tolerant and loving are we really?

As a collective force of energy if we could apply these simple tools:

  • Stop looking outwards-to blame, criticize or diminish
  • Concentrate on YOU!
  • Look to YOU for the future of every moment
  • Heal your own pain and hurt
  • Face your own fears, weakness as you see them
  • Check your own vibrations to see if aligned with higher energies
  • Clear all stuck energy that hinders your development
  • Develop skills of Love and Compassion for yourself first
  • Drop the Ego as a dominant force
  • Change your words. Words are seeds and if you have a poor mouth your will have a poor life

DO these few things first and the whole collective force of the world will heal with you. It has to move in the direction that is most prominent. If LOVE is the most predominant energy then LOVE is the energy that will be most felt and expressed in the world.

The biggest challenge we face is understanding that our fear and resistance to change polarizes us into keeping the same status quo. We do not like change, we fear change, we fear stepping into the unknown territory because we have been conditioned to be so. Yet we all long for change and a better balanced world! We want better living conditions for all, safe homes, abundance and harmony!

So what can we do besides working on ourselves and change our conditioning, beliefs and behaviours? 


There are hundreds of Ancient Tools, forgotten tools, that are available to us to accommodate any and every facet of our lives journey. What are some of these ancient tools?

  1. Some call it pray , some call it meditation- It is going inward, into ourselves to find the connection to the highest expression of what we are and always have been. The forgotten YOU. We call this ignition of remembrance.
  2. Discernment- Based on our societal conditioning we have lost our ability, or in most cases, even though we will not admit it, given it away- our ability to discern for ourselves. What is in alignment with the highest energy. We have come to rely heavily on News Broadcast, Internet etc- Paradigms that use fear to keep us controlled and subdued. Break Free now and get to know yourself as you truly have been and always will be.
  3. Awareness- Because we are fully entrenched in the 3D drama of fast moving living, materialism and quick remedy- instant gratification- – we hardly stop to be truly aware in any moment of our lives. Become aware where in your physical form you become tight or where pain strikes or what you are feeling! Where do you hold pain in emotions and why? Aware of what you use to distract yourself so you do not have to deal with painful, sad or even traumatic events. Become aware of how you impact on your world, what energy do you send into the ether every day.
  4. Words- These ancient tools have be travelling along with us on our journey from the beginning and we have not been aware what they are- well not really in the true sense. Words are powerful tools that can build or breakdown energy.  Words are actually the seeds you are planting for our future. We are in fact projecting our own future and what it will look like. Words are meant to build up energy, send energy of Love and Compassion. We have forgotten the power of the word. Find your way back in every moment by using your words wisely. 
  5. Coupled with words are our feelings- When we use uplifting positive words and we then imagine the wonderful energy that goes with it, we make manifest what we are projecting with words, saying it out loud and feeling the feeling that goes with it. Powerful ancient tools are right within us.

The tools are simple but powerful and by igniting them back into our lives as primary methods we are taking back our power, our ability to manifest and create our lives. We are our own creators and have the ability to determine the life we wish to live.


Detoxification is a amazing Ancient Tool to use to clear your energy fields and assist you in healing mind, body and soul. By detoxing you allow new energy to flood your system and make space for the higher energies. Detox your physical form to ensure all discordant energies are released.