September Month’s Story…

by | Sep 28, 2018

There is a new World order taking place…

A Glimpse of the New Universe..
Are you ready for the Epic Ride of your life!

Transiting through the New World energies will feel as though you are being forced through the eye of a needle! It will feel as though you have entered a desert and are all alone! Right!

Does this ring true for you? Then it is time for you to gear up for the most unbelievable beautiful Epic journey of your life! To most this will conjure up feelings of dread, fear and possibly running for cover. Whatever you do STOP. For the first time in your many lifetimes you are ready to face the truth and conquer all that it is holding you back from being the INCREDIBLE YOU, you were always but just do not remember.

“I am within God, and God is within me. God is experiencing Itself through me as a human channel. This is my highest alignment and truth”…. From the Teachings of

This is where is becomes one of the most incredible adventure- of all lifetime. You are privileged to be in the front row, witnessing the most spectacular energies imaginable. DO NOT HIDE… DO NOT RUN… Take off the blinkers and for the very first time turn and face all that needs to be faced. Yes! It will be incredibly difficult because you have never had the courage to do this before now. You have never really been humble and lovingly brutally honest with yourselves…. Until NOW!

You know the saying” You have to be in it to win it!” Well now you are in it, boots and all. The tsunami of your life is at your doorstep and it is time to stop running. Climb on the wave and ride it as through your life depends on it.

How do you do this? Simple. The first step is to acknowledge the fact that you have created all that is currently in your life… Now many will say Well! I never want this or that.. Honestly you created and attracted it all to you by your way of thinking, feeling, speech and belief patterns. Then the next step to get under your belt is… As scary as it is Face it. Ride the wave of those thoughts, feeling and emotions that you have been hiding away from for many lifetimes. Breathe in all the Golden Chi you can muster and know you are safe in the palm of the creators hands. Feel these emotions, cry, scream, shout.. Express them in the privacy of your Sacred Temple alone…(This why we say entering the desert alone) This is your journey no one-Else’s. Experiences them in all their force. Once done you will realize they are not life threatening…Painful but not life threatening.  Thirdly, breathe in again and now make peace from the centre point of your sacred heart. Breathe out and soften into them. Once you can feel you no longer NEED this to go away it becomes a part of you. You have retrieved a soul part. The pain no longer frightens you, you no longer run and hide. This is called “Right Action- Riding the Tsunami”. Repeat this with any blocks, obstacles in your life. One at a time. Meditate every day building your Chi and bring yourself back into balance. And last but not least, observe the Law of the Universe. Live them not for anyone else but for yourself. Practice, read, educate yourself on these Laws. (See our website for more information

Change the way you think, feel and express yourself to honour only the highest and the best in every moment of every moment. This is your service to humanity. DO your journey! Work on yourself. By doing this you not only heal yourself but the whole world too because energy is energy and it flows throughout the cosmos. By working on you, your uplift all!

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