Sacred Jewellery

We may not all know that everything is made up of energy and that this wondrous form is all around and in us. It is available in many different forms for us to make use of and increase our vibrations, encourage us in times of crisis and to assist us in healing past lives, current lives and uplift us.

Sacred Jewellery was created from a channelling through Golden Cloud, My Grand-Master guide and aims, with each unique creation to imbue energy and colour for healing, upliftment and empowerment. Each creation begins with an inspired communication from one of my Master Guides, and this can be at anytime of the day or night. The person has already been chosen for the inspired piece of Sacred Jewellery and energy begins to build with a beautiful image with colours and designs. This blessed image is then brought into full focus and imprinted in my memory. The design begins as I am guided by the Master in charge and it may change as the person’s situation changes and at the end the piece is unique to that individual… I never know who the design is for and the recipient does not even know this sacred piece is being created in their honour and for their use…  Special healing, guidance and encouragement plus a unique message is embedded in the piece…

Each Sacred piece is created in a sacred space for a sacred individual who will eventually be guided to this website….

“Your sacred journey has begun…”

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