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Looking deep within life it can be quite a shock to realize how many choices have been made on a daily basis through the lenses of either conscious or sub-conscious fear. Fear of Loving, or of begin Loved, fear of death, fear of not being secure and safe, fear of being alone.

Nowhere is it more evident than here in our own home country with security being threatened at even turn, with blackout, business financial losses, land claims and much much more…..

On a superficial level society has conditioned us to hide, pretend or even  bury all our fear by creating external distractions like News, Politics, the state of our countries finances, Eskom and its many hidden agendas. lies and distractions. All these are meant to keep us busy doing other things, fearing outside things, forcing us into a living environment of busy.. busy fast living with really unknown goals and only trying to survive . That is all we can see when we become unconscious and unaware, it natural as human beings right?

Have you even tried to ponder a life without fear?

Soaring free within the body, mind and soul, exploding the myth of what fear truly is or represents in life. Allowing fear to drive you deep within yourself, exploding, expanding beyond all that is, was and will be….Expanding you beyond it so far until fear becomes the gateway to immerse freedom. Have you seen the documentary of the climber that climbs shear face cliffs without any supports at all. The climber explained it as this. “I climb through my fear until my fear disappears , then I am free to climb out of Love and Joy”.

Most often people who have as the saying goes” overcome Fear” have reached a climax where the pain , suffering is so unbearable, so overpowering that all that is left to do is to  pass through it, surrendering and letting go!  Surrendering it all- reaching the precipice that it matters no more. This type of breakthrough is what is currently taking place in our ever changing expansive energy right now. Whether you want it too or not! 

The choice is now removed from humanity and we can either make the journey uncomfortable and frightening by resisting or we can just climb on the ride and surrender. Taking each day as a blessed gift and living moment for moment believing in ourselves and working to retrieve our true identity. Coming Home!

Humanity has reached a pivotal point of no -return with the Old Paradigms falling away right in front of us.. No longer hidden and obscure… But in your face… The fear is right there with you. Are you going to allow it to take control of your energy and lead you into strife OR are you going to finally sit with it, Feel it, let it run right through your energy and be-friend it so that when it is required it comes to you as an ally not the enemy.

2019 is an amazing inner journey of healing, clearing and balancing our energies. We have been called to look deep within ourselves at all situations, energies and circumstances that have been either suppressed or that no longer serve our highest energies.

For those awakened souls and those who are prepared to do the inner work, amazing gifts have been made available as well as huge awakenings. We have been pushed to deal with unavoidable changes and unexpected obstacles that have remained hidden deep within our energy fields. The only way out is to go in- inward into your deepest fears and pain. I read an article yesterday.. If Spiritual Awakening had a disclaimer….. By Nanice Ellis

This astonishingly good, accurate and somewhat humorous article says it all. Do yourself the honour and have a read.

This IS the most powerful time of all times. The only thing left for us to do is…Slow down and start working on you. This is the best gift you can give the collective humanity and yourself. Healing inwardly will make the changes we are all longing for.. Inward change will crack the secret codes to liberating us all from a life of control, fear and everything that comes in between.

Fear is the Gateway into magnificent expansion and living life in complete openness fully awakened… 

Fearlessness is our Birth Right

The inward journey is the only way out. To feel the emotions, allowing them to run through our energy fields, to befriend them, to truly be at one with each and every emotion that terrifies us to death.  To finally get it! There is no easy way through or out, only inward. We have no choice of a quick or easy fix right now! We have to find a safe space where we can sit and confront each and every one of of these emotions, let it run rampant through our bodies, feeling the pain, fear or isolation to such a degree that finally we no longer fear, have no more pain and feel so loved. Then we know we have conquered that aspect and can draw it close to us no longer wishing it way or suppressing it at all.

This is how we heal , this is how we incorporate emotions, circumstances and beliefs back into our being in a balanced and authentic way. This is what we call “awakening”.

If we believe the status quo and force our environments, circumstances and energy to remain the same due to our inner fear of change, we will once again suppress this magnificent gift of energy now made available to us.

View our Front Page with a Full Re-Calibration available to you through I am Avatar- The Rites Passage No 2. Invest in yourself and your awakening by completing this magnificent journey deep within yourself. Release all that is no longer you and waken to the awe inspiring being you always were and are.

Or if you wish to travel along this journey but need a guide to assist you to create the safe space to do so: Call me on 0814015818 for an appointment to your awakening!


Detoxification is a amazing tool to use to clear your energy fields and assist you in healing mind, body and soul. Detox your physical form to ensure all discordant energies are released. Consume  nourishing living foods.