Music is an extremely powerful tool that is available to us to calm, relax and even heighten our senses. The science behind music psychoaustics which deals with how sound and music affects our energy fields and thus our whole being. Meditation music is specially designed to take you deeper into your experience and assist you to better relax not only the physical form but the brain itself.

Choosing calming music when you sprits are low or your mind is frazzled is a form of healing in itself… The waves of energy enters your energy fields and then soothes all those spaces that are tight and closed off… Causing what we call relaxation… Relaxation is actually our normal state that we should be in on a continually basis… But because we allow outside influences to impact on us we need to learn once more to quieten the mind, body and soul to become relaxed and calm again…

We have linked with some of the suppliers we use to acquire music for just this purpose…..

“Dance to the tune of your life’s journey…..”

Jonathan Goldman

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