July Month’s Story…

by | Jul 9, 2018

Being in a 11 year( 2+0+1+8=11) we are being asked to draw deep within ourselves for the answers to our challenges this year. Many are asking why is the abundance and magnetic powers of the number 11 not coming into fruition? Remember we live in a dual 3rd Dimension world and even through 11 energy brings huge abundance, joy and the ability to realize our wildest dreams we have to take into account that there is always a dual side to everything.

We have to face the duality of the 11 energy to realize our dreams and this is not always what we want to hear or do. By looking into the dual side we have to face what is no longer working for us, what is not resonating to the highest and best for us. We have to clean out the closets so to speak. For without facing and clearing we have no space within our energy fields to invite higher and better energies in………

The main story

So the questions begging to be answered are why am I feeling so limited, confused and afraid if these energies of 11 are supposed to be so amazing? Why does it feel as through life is getting more difficult to navigate?

We have to face the reality that life as we know it is coming to an end! Accepting this statement creates fear and panic in us! What is so important to understand is that this is a wonderfully powerful time we are living in and that all the dross of the world, all the shenanigans has to be cleared just as we have to clear our energies to make space for higher vibrations of living.

We have to accept this change! And in so doing we then move from fear and confusion to balance and abundance.

Energy downloads, that is information from higher realms, is happening every second of every day now. Comic energy is allowing us full access to all the information and tools that every was , is and will come in the future. Truth will set us free! Is a slogan used by many but in fact it is:

The Light shall set us Free!

Free to remember who we actually are and what we are capable of accomplishing right now. Truths from all sector of the world stage are being exposed and brought to light for us to finally understand we need not live in these controlled and restrictive energies anymore.

Angelic beings are being place in very strategic position in our world stage to bring these truths out and to awaken us into becoming the higher beings we already are. Not to look on the outside and point fingers or pass blame, but search within… Deep within for what makes us afraid.? What makes us feel unwanted or unloved? What makes us angry and hateful? Deal with what is within first and the outside world will reflect these changes!

We are each responsible for our own journeys in this life… We are responsible for what works and what does not! You are the only one who can heal and release discordant energy in your physical and ethereal forms.

Do not be afraid to get to know the real you!
Do not suppress your emotions!
Do not self sabotage yourself by getting distracted!
Be honest with yourself in every endeavor as you are the only one who knows your inner being! Respect all life no matter what!
Take the time to cleanse your mind, your body and your energy.

Just like all energy if we suppress emotions and do not deal with issues they will eventually reflect in your physical forms.

Requesting answers from yourself, and then listening to the answers, is the most precious gift you can give yourself at this time: Examples:-

How does my body feel? Tight/wound up/ relaxed
How often do I feel true peace within?
How often do I tell myself that I am LOVE?
How often do I feel fear?

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“Slow down and take one thing at a time… Observe yourself and your reaction and then lovingly accept your shortfalls forgive them and release them… That is what is required now.”