Introducing Sacred Sciences

by | Jun 5, 2018

Greetings beautiful beings…..

As this is the launch and first blog of Scared Sciences I felt it vital to explain what I do and What Sacred Sciences is ?…

Sacred Sciences is the magical tools that are and have been at our disposal from the beginning of time. These tools are not only available to the elite or the select few. They do not discriminate between gender, race, country of origin or class of human beings. They are tools available to each and every one alike. They are powerful modalities we have at our disposal to create our lives, our environments, to realize our highest potential in every area of our lives. They are not wishful thinking, daydreaming or affirmation, although these you have their own merit… THEY ARE REAL… and are available now. These tools comprise many different modalities to enable each of us to choose what resonates at the highest vibration for each of us as individual identities but still comprising a part of the whole.

It has taken humanity a very long often bumpy journey to realize that the arts of Scared Sciences are precious gifts for all of us from the highest power, whether you call this power God, Almighty, Omega or any other name that resonate with you. We all have access to these modalities if we so wish …Here is the punchline…. We have to be open and willing to stretch our minds to understand them, their power and their ability to assist us to create our lives and our world…. A Better World and a prosperous life.

Sacred Sciences website will empower you and enrich your knowledge, provide tools to heal, link you to modalities of well tested learning facilities, allow you the freedom to decide what you would like to open yourself up to in the way of new thinking, applications and belief structures.

In the new energy of today many of us are waking up to the reality that what we believe our lives were meant to express is not happening. What is our life’s journey meant to look like? The awakening that we are controlled by finances, health industries, politics and governments has us all reeling in the understanding that this is not what life is meant to be. The question still rings out… There must be more.. better than this. Choices of how we wish to lead our lives, the quality of our lives and what we wish to accomplish with our lives has awakened us to see we really do have a say.  We are meant to be free, abundant and alive every minute of every day.

This is what Sacred Sciences will bring to you… The tools to re-create your life.. your world. In the coming blogs I will attempt to share as much of my knowledge and information that will empower you and enable you to better understand that we can all have the fairy tale life we dream of… It is actually the reality that the name “fairy tale” is meant to throw us of guard in believing it is something that will never be realized..

 A Old Sage Once said:
We are all born with a beautiful castle of 1000 rooms all alight glowing with beautiful colours and all that is bright. As we progress along life’s journey, the outside influences of the world cause us to shut down some of our beautiful rooms… whether from fear, guilt, pain or suffering. Once we reach 21 years of age we may have 5 or so rooms still alight and bright. We then take the rest of our lives to re-open these doors through forgiveness, better understanding, healing etc….

If humanity could only understand that we are all born perfect and all we have to do in our life time is to realize this. Once that is achieved all else falls into alignment. Perfection…………..

Join me on the journey of self-discovery of the real you, the real world and what we all can do to improve it… heal it and rejoice in freedom.

Blessings from Sacred Sciences

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