Beginner's Guide

Credo of the Children of the Light

Light workers of the Universe

There is One Cosmic Force/Creator

All humans, animals, plants and energy are particles of the Cosmic Force and act as co-creator with Cosmic Force to fulfil a mission of coming back to the realization we are all part of the One

Our Mission is to awaken to the realization that we are and have always been perfected beings

Love is the original creative force of the entire Cosmos

Living in the Now moment and experiencing everything as though it is magical and whole. Concentrating only on the now moment means we live moment to moment in pure bliss

You can only truly concentrate on one thing at any given time… Doing more means you have diluted your attention and not living in the Now moment.

Behavioural Codes that induce higher dimensional living

Living in the Now moment means you only hold one thought or action at any given time, giving it full un-distracted attention, holding thoughts of Love…Peace…Joy… and Light or choosing to hold negative thoughts. Remember we have a choice as to how we wish to live our lives…

Come to the realization you were born perfect and are perfect still. By conditioning we have been taught to close down this belief. We were all born with a magical castle containing 1000 rooms that are brightly light and coloured filled with Joy and Love and wonderful magic. As the conditioning of the world impacts on us and we start to suppress parts of ourselves we shut down certain rooms that we have been taught do not fit. By the time we reach 20 Old years of age, approximately 95% of the rooms are closed off and dark. We then come to realize that there is more and we want more from live and thus the journey begins for the rest of lives to reignite all our castle rooms….

Never react to those who will wish to break you down. Feel only positive energy and invite only positive energy into your life. Negativity drains your life energy and closes you off to the unlimited possibilities that are your inherited right.

Having healing words and actions in all situations will hold the light of the world high. Stand in your sacred space and protect it against any energy that is not of the highest and best.

Your mission is to walk your life’s journey with these 3 Principles:

  1. Non-Judgement of others and self
  2. Non-Interference others and yourself
  3. Non-Resistance for others and yourself

We have been conditioned to pay attention to everything outside of ourselves, thus distracting us from our journey in life. Pay attention to yourself-selflessly and un-egoically

Commit your attitudes and behaviours to only inspire high vibrations and awaken you

Take any negativity..pain and disappointment as a opportunity and challenge to either clear discordant energy or advance your vibration

Take responsibility for ALL aspects of your life by observing each thought, word action and feeling. End judgement and blame of others for what has occurred in your life. Be bluntly but lovingly honest with yourself… No one else will.

Smile.. It is the most amazing free gift to you and humanity. Laughter heals all wounds no matter how deep or ingrained they maybe in you.

See each and everything as a particle of Divine Force, including yourself. Treat all as you would like to be treated even though your ecperience may be challenging

Chose to spend very little time in the company of those that have choosen a negative path… It is their journey and their right to do so. But you can chose to disassociate with negativity as it does drain your life force. Always send them away in LOVE.

Be fearless and courageous knowing you are unique and special

Every one of us is already Masters unrealized. Keep searching to link with this mastery and follow your path with discernment and confidante

Always embody harmony for the Universe, our world and others not matter what seems to be happening on the surface. When we are realized we can stand in the middle of the storm fearlessly and know that we are protected and calm

There is a prayer for every moment of every day…Some call them affirmations… Find your inner prayers and use them daily

Express gratitude every single moment as gratitude links us to our higher vibrations and callings. Gratitude signals the Cosmos that no matter what we are currently experiencing negative or positive we are prepared to work through it in faith that the highest outcome will be realized

Love is the Cosmic Glue

Connect to the Ascended Master/Guides/Angelic Realm, who are highly evolved beings and stand ready at all time to serve us. Remember they will only assist once being called upon to do so as the decree is non-interference

“Life is already perfect in every way, our journey is come to realize it and live it”


Human Energy Systems

The Physical Body

This is the densest of all the energy systems and serves to allow us the experience of the 3rd Dimension in all its wonderful glory. The physical body is also made up of energy and is not only impacted by what we eat or do but also by our thoughts, feelings and belief structure. The Physical form can be compared to the vehicle that transports us through this life time in 3rd dimension.

The Aura

This is the dimension above the physical form and maintains our health by remaining in balance through exercise and clearing just like we would exercise the physical form. It looks like an egg shaped field of energy surrounding the person and comprises 7 different levels is often called Auric field. These energy fields penetrate through the physical body and extend outwards. The level closest to the body vibrates at the lowest frequency whilst the one furthest away at the highest frequency. When the combined energy fields of the aura are strong, the body is healthy and capable of maintaining high levels of energy. When it is weak or not balanced we experience dis-ease in the physical form and limitations.

Download PDF Of Detailed Chakra Chart


To understand dimensions we must come to grips with the fact that everything is created from energy and can be measured and reduced to Vibrational frequencies. Each Dimension contains 7 levels of Vibrational frequencies and makes up the lesson to be learnt in these different dimensions. To progress we must master the lessons of each dimension before we can climb to the next level.

1st Dimension – Mineral Kingdom and is the most dense of all the dimensions

2nd Dimension – Plant Kingdom and requires light to survive

3rd Dimension – Animal Kingdom and ranges from the simplest action to the most complex action

4th Dimension – Astral Dimension and is the plane between the physical and celestial worlds

5th Dimension – Mind and thought manifestation and deals with the Higher Self merging with the physical body

6th Dimension – Higher Etheric Dimensions. Keys of higher forms of creation and acts as a bridge between Ascended Realm and the Lower Realm

7th Dimension – Seventh Heaven. Here is where the Vibrational frequencies support Ascended Masters.

Meditation and Prayers

From Birth we have been conditioned to identify ourselves with our 5 Sense and our bodies. Looking into a mirror we believe we are the reflection we see. In reality we are not our bodies but something much more expansive. We are actually the expression of the Cosmic Force energy and Light and through sacred connection of energy we create our thoughts, words, emotions and actions. If you can think about your thoughts we are not our thoughts. We can analyze our emotions so we are not our emotions. We can observe and analyze our bodies, we are not our bodies. The body cannot do anything of itself, it ages and dies but we do not because we are not our bodies. The body is only our vehicle that carries us through this life journey.

Everything is first created by energy, if we believe we are unhappy we are. Whatever we think we become, whatever we feel we are and out of this we act how we feel and think. Once we realize we are none of the above, we can begin to take back our control. We chose the way we think, feel and act and by so doing empower ourselves to take full responsibility for ourselves and our journey in life. To accomplish control and unite with higher thoughts, feelings and actions we practice meditation.

Meditation leads us to balanced energy, balanced thoughts and balance feelings and ultimately balanced action. Meditation leads us to discover who we truly are! Meditation slows down the mind(we sometimes call it the monkey brain for its business)  and allows us to travel inwardly to reflect and connect with higher vibrations. The action of meditation slows and calms the mind to such a degree you will be able to use more of the mind. Deep meditation aligns us with the Cosmic One Energy, calming and balancing our energies. Choices, decisions and actions made from this balanced state of energy always give rise to balanced sound results. Meditation practice leads us to live more harmoniously, abundantly and lovingly with ourselves and the rest of humanity.

It centres us and is the only way to find peace within and connect with our true beings. Mediation allows us to take controls of our minds and emotional bodies instead of them controlling us.

“Learn to be silent…Let your mind listen and absorb… Then you will grow”

“In meditation proper breathing is required. It is the connection to health and balance”

– Master Kuthumi

Breathing increases prana, positive energy and life Force… Prana is the absolute energy of all…

How to Meditate

  1. Never meditate within 2 hours of a meal
  2. Sit with spine upright. Sit on a cushion or rug, never on the ground as it pulls all the energy into the earth
  3. Breathe deeply and rhythmically, inhaling through your nose, while your chest and solar plexus expands. Let the air out through your mouth slowly keeping your chest firmly in place and pushing up gently with your solar plexus. Try to exhale all the old air from your lungs
  4. Never inhale through your mouth. Humans are the only beings to breathe through their mouths and this is not healthy as there is not protection mechanism in place to keep any bacteria at bay
  5. Hold the air in for a few seconds before exhaling. You may feel a little dizzy or light headed at first but soon your body will adjust to the higher levels of oxygen
  6. Focus on the parts of your body that feel like they are holding onto tension like your neck, shoulders etc… and release this energy back to Cosmos by just letting it go
  7. With your eyes closed visualize a Golden Light with your head. See it slowly expanding and filling your whole body. Filling each and every cell within your body, each organ and even the blood cursing through your veins and arteries

Controlling the breathe, and thus calming the mind and nerves is a prerequisite to controlling the mind and the body… Swami Rama

  • While imagining the Golden Light streaming through your body, allow all your thoughts to pass through your mind. Often as you begin meditation practice you will find the mind wonders off every now and again. Imagine the thoughts are like clouds and allow them to float by. Get back your concentration on the Golden Light… Keep doing this as you will get better with practice
  • Do not hold onto any feelings, thoughts. Bless them each, thank them and allow them to drift away on the clouds
  • Do not get frustrated if your thoughts and feeling interrupt you. Hold faith and keep practicing. Keep bringing yourself back to the Golden Light
  • Discipline to accomplishing meditations is very important. You begin for a few minutes and keep increasing the time frame
  • Complete your meditations at the same time each day as this will give you a routine and calm you after a busy day… Or begin your day with a fresh balanced start.
  • Morning or evening mediations is practiced. Find which one better suits you… Or even if you wish do both

The ultimate goal is to become walking meditation every moment of every day.

What is the Difference between Prayer and Meditation?

Prayer is a powerful medium to use in communication with Cosmos. It is a conversation held with Cosmos and usually is a request for assistance or favour. Prayer can be as simple as:

“There is only one God and he/she is omnipotent

There is only one religion, the religion of Love

There is only one caste, the caste of humanity

There is only one language, the language of Love”

Sai Baba


Living a life of truth, right speech, peace, harmony, love and nonviolence fulfils the language of the heart. This is what we have come here to learn!

– Extract from ‘The Light shall set you Free”

Decrees can be used in a form of prayer e.g.:

Through the power of the Higher Self I command and demand that the violet flame blaze ahead of me and dissolve all negativity

Meditation is the art of listening, becoming so quiet within you connect with the Higher Self. The art of meditations is pure void of all thought, feeling or action but being totally aware.

Reincarnation: Karma-Dharma

Re-incarnation is a relatively new concept for westerners but has been practiced for centuries in the old countries. The basic belief structure of re-incarnation is that you are born into duality and when you die you return after a period of time. This pattern is repeated to enable you to evolve and overcome all that life in embodiment has to offer. The belief also then leads to the conclusion that death does not exist. You are not your body as it is purely a vehicle which you use to convey your soul and is replaced with a new one each new lifetime.

Re-incarnation is ultimately the process you use to improve our vibration and to evolve until you have reached a  high enough vibration to move on. This is why spiritualists take living a life in embodiments so seriously but with total peace and joy. You need to learn and grow and evolve to then finally move out of the re-incarnation cycle.

Karma and Dharma

Karma and Dharma is determined by your thoughts, feelings and actions over all your lifetimes and is a manifestation of the Law of cause and effect. How you led your life and have lead your previous lives on earth will determine what level of Karma or/ and Dharam you hold. Karma is basically the negative side effects and Dharma is the positive side effects of your life/lives lived.

If this is the case that your actions, thoughts and feelings determine the level of your Karma and Dharma then it makes sense to the conclude that you are responsible for  the outcome of your life success or failure..

“All the world’s a stage

And all men and women merely players

There are exits and entrances

And man and woman in their time play many different parts.”

Master St Germaine  

Ascended Masters

Who are they?

Ascended Masters are highly evolved souls who have served several incarnations and now due to their high status serve humanity. Most of the Ascended Master currently serving humanity now were way ahead of their times and brought wisdom, knowledge and love to assist humanity Ascended Masters are available to any person requesting their guidance and assistance. As we evolve we too become higher in vibration until we too ascend into the higher realm to either serve or re-incarnate.  It is wise to take note that we are all Master already even though are not yet realized.

Some ways in which the Ascended Master serve us are:

They can communicate with us through dreams and visions, by synchronistic observations of numbers like1;11 or 22:22 or seeing the same message repeated  over and over on bill boards, animals actions, birds in flight and maybe even music or song’s lyrics that answer our prayers.

They can communicate telepathically through beings that are of a high vibration like Mediums, Psychics, telepaths etc

They can be called upon to assist with clearing discordant energies or help us see a better path forward in a complex situation

They can be assist us to attain information that we can use to evolve and lift our vibrations

They each have a service to follow and will balance and clear any energy that no longer serves for the highest good

They will bring about changes that Cosmos requires to re-balance energies or clear situations that serve us no longer

Here is a list of some of the Master currently serving… Please note this is not a completed list

Afra- Patron of Africa.

Akshobhya – a Dhyani Buddha.

Aloha – Feminine Elohim of the 6th Ray – her twin flame is Peace.

Alpha – the highest manifestation of the god energy in the Central Sun, his twin is Omega.

*Amaryllis – goddess of Spring.

*Amaterasu – Japanese goddess of the Sun.

Amazonia – the feminine Elohim of the first ray.

*Amen Bey – a 4th ray Master. He works closely with Ptah and Archangel Michael. He is a protector.

Amerissis – goddess of Light.

Amethyst – also known as Holy Amethyst is Archeia of the 7th Ray.

Amitabha – a Dhyani Buddha.

Amoghasigghi  – a Dhyani Buddha.

Amora – the feminine Elohim of the 3rd Ray.

Anubis – egyptian god of the underworld.

Apollo – Elohim of the 2nd ray and twin flame of Lumina, they are guardians of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Arcturus – Elohim of the 7th ray along with his twin flame Victoria.

Ares – a 2nd ray Cosmic Master. A warrior Master.

Ariel – feminine Archangel.

Astarte (Ishtar)

Astrea – feminine Elohim of the 4th Ray.

Aurora – archeia of the 6th Ray with her Twin flame Archangel Uriel.

Babaji – Babaji, known to us via Paramahansa Yogananda’s books, is an Un-ascended Master. He chose to stay on earth with a physical body, till all of humanity ascended. This is a service of great value as his presence anchors the Light of the higher planes into the earth.

Bethel – a second ray Master – his heart radiates with love for all.

Brahma – is part of the Hindu trinity, of Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is the creator aspect.

Casimir Poiseidon – an old Ascended Master from South America.

Cassiopea – Elohim of the Central Sun.

Celeste – a Devic Angel of the Ascended Hosts.

Cha Ara – a Fifth Ray Master.

Chamuel – the Archangel of the third ray, he is a manifestation of Divine Love.

*Chananda – Chief of the Indian council of the Great White Brotherhood. A first ray Master.

Charity – the female Archangel of the Third ray.

Christine – female Archangel of the 2nd ray.

Confucius – a 2nd ray Master.

Cuzco – Emissary of the god Surya.

Cyclopea – masculine Elohim of the 5th ray for truth, healing and knowledge.

Deva of Light – A Cosmic Being.

Deva of the Central Sun – a Cosmic Being.

Deva of the 7th Ray – A cosmic Being

*Dom Ignacio – best known as the Ascended Master working with John of God in Brazil.He is a 3rd ray Master.

Elijah – the prophet, as mentioned in the Bible. He returned to earth as John, the Baptist though he was already an Ascended Master.

*El Morya – Chohan of the 1st ray.

Enoch  – priest of the Sacred fire.

Eriel – a Chinese Ascended Master.

Ernon – an Atlantean ruler, the Rai of Suern.

Eros – also known as the god of Love.

Faith – Archeia of the first ray, and twin flame of Archangel Michael.

Fortuna – the goddess of supply.

Freya – Norse goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Magic and Wisdom.

Gabriel – Archangel of the fourth ray.

*Ganesh – a 5th ray Cosmic master and Hindu god.

Gautama Buddha – Lord of the World.

Harmony – a Cosmic Master.

*Hathor – an Egyptian Great Mother goddess. A 6th ray Master.

Helios – god of the Central Sun.

Hera – a 2nd ray Master

Hercules – Elohim of the 1st ray.

Heros – Elohim of the 3rd ray.

*Hilarion – Chohan of the 5th ray.

Hine-nui-te-po – Maori goddess of the underworld.

Hope – Archaeia of the fourth ray.


*Inanna – sumerian goddess of love and war

Ishtar (Astarte)


*Isis – an Egyptian goddess. A 6th ray Master.

*Jesus – a 2nd ray Master.

John, the Beloved

Jophiel – Archangel of the 2nd Ray.

*Krishna – a Cosmic Master.

Kristine – a new Lady Master

*Kuthumi – the World Teacher and a master of the 2nd Ray.

*Kuan Yin – goddess of Mercy – not to be confused with White Tara. Many think they are the same Being, but their energies are very different. She is a 3rd ray Master.

*Lady Nada – Lady Nada helps children and those who need inner child healing. She is a 6th ray Master.

Lakshmi – goddess of Prosperity. She is a 6th ray Cosmic Master. Her aura blends from deep rose out to gold.

*Lao Tze – a Chinese Ascended Master of the 2nd Ray.

*Lord Lanto – Lord Lanto is Chohan of the 2nd Ray.

Lord Ling (Moses)– Lord Ling is a Chinese Ascended Master who was previously Moses.

Lumina – the Feminine Elohim of the 2nd Ray with her twin flame Apollo.



*Ma’at – Egyptian goddess of balance. A 3rd ray Master.

Maha Chohan – Chohan of all the 8th ray.

Mahakala – a Buddhist protector deity.

Maitreya – the Cosmic Christ and planetary Buddha.

Manjushri – Boddhisattva of Wisdom.

*Mary Magdalene – a 3rd ray Ascended Master.

*Mother Mary – as the mother of Jesus she was already an Ascended Master having attained her Ascension in a previous life. She is a 3rd ray Master.

*Melchizedek – an Ascended Master of the 1st Ray.

Mercury –  a greek god – also known as the Roman god Hermes.

*Metatron – a cosmic angel of the first ray.

Michael – Archangel of the 1st Ray.

Milarepa – a Tibetan Ascended Master.

*Mother Mary – a Master of love and compassion.

Moses (Lord Ling)

Ninguerre – one of 3 Tibetan creator goddesses

Omega – the highest manifestation of the goddess energy in the Central Sun, her twin is Alpha.

Omri-Tas – a cosmic Master of the Violet Flame.A 7th ray Master.

*Osiris – the Egyptian god of the afterlife. A 1st ray Master.

*Pallas Athena – the 6th ray goddess of Truth.

*Paul, the Venetian – Chohan of the 3rd Ray.


Peace – masculine Elohim of the 6th ray. 
Peace – goddess of Peace.


*Portia – Lady Ascended Master of the 6th Ray for Justice.


*Ptah – 5th ray Master – a warrior Master

Purity – masculine Elohim of the 4th Ray.

Purity – goddess of Purity.

Quetzacoatl – a 6th ray Master


Ra-mun – also spelt Ra-mu – an ascended Master of the 7th ray and previous Chohan of the 7th Ray.

Raphael – Archangel of the 5th Ray.

Ratnasambhava – a Dhyani Buddha.

*St Anthony of Padua

*St Germain – Chohan of the 7th ray.

*Saint John the Baptist – a 1st ray Master

Sanam Kumara – A cosmic Master – he is so vast he has to manifest a body for the Ascended Masters to see him.

Sanat Kumara – Lord of the World and the Ancient of Days.


*Serapis Bey – Chohan of the 4th Ray.

Shiva – a 1st ray cosmic Master.

Sitataptatra – a goddess of the 1st ray (red apect). She was the Ascended Master teacher of Gautama Buddha.

*Susan’oo – Japanese god of summer storms. A 5th ray Master.

Tatiana – goddess of the Faerie kingdom.

*Thomas Merton – one of the newest Masters. A 1st ray Master.

Tsukuyomi – a 2nd ray Master and a Japanese god

Uriel – Archangel of the 6th Ray.

Uzziel – Archangel of the 8th Ray.

Vairochana – a Dyani Buddha.

Vajrakilaya – a Buddhist deity who has attained diamond consciousness.

Vesta – goddess of the home. A 3rd ray Master.

Victoria  – feminine Elohim of the 7th Ray.

Virginia – feminine Elohim of the 5th ray for truth, healing and knowledge.


Vwymus- a higher aspect of Sanat Kumara

Yogananda – Paramahansa Yogananda

*White Tara – goddess of Compassion and an 8th ray Master.

Zadkiel – Archangel of the 7th Ray.

Zaruthustra -8th ray Master


Here is a list of the Masters as Ascended Masters or Cosmic Masters. Cosmic Masters have passed the 12th initiation.


ST JOHN, the Baptist
EROS – cusp
QUETZALCOATL (6th) – cusp
FREYA (2nd ray)


METATRON (not angelic list)
AMARYLLIS, goddess of spring